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Our Approach

Supplier Management

At JP Flynn we are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We recognise that our corporate, social and sustainability responsibilities reside as much in our supply chain as it does in our own activities. We continually review our suppliers to ensure our contracted services are ethically and sustainably provided, and demonstrate this with our positive influence through our social, ethical and environmental performance.

Preferred suppliers are those who respect and comply with relevant laws, regulations, treaties, covenants and agreements. We look for suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to implementing policies and practices that are consistent with and complementary to our own.

Social Responsibility

Our approach to social responsibility is predicated on encouraging behaviour and outcomes that accurately reflect our Core Values and Mission Statement.

Social responsibility, professionalism and integrity in our dealings with customers, suppliers and in our service delivery.

Accuracy, clarity and honesty in all our communications.

Being well organised and efficient in the execution of our work.

Environmental Management

JP Flynn is committed to a better environment for everyone.

Through ongoing programs that develop cleaner and more sustainable ways of doing everyday activities, we hope to make our space on this Earth a more pleasant place to live and work. Management, staff, contractors and suppliers in our value chain can work together in a spirit of mutual acceptance and understanding towards the commonly set goals of cleaner and more efficient use of water, air, land, waste and energy.


Through the development of our Environmental Management Plan (EMP), JP Flynn will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the impact of people and building repairs on the environment.
  • Gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the principles of sustainable development.
  • Use our knowledge of environmental management practices to apply strategies within our standard operating and service delivery procedures.
  • Identify the areas of service delivery that we can manage more effectively in the
    context of Environmental Management.
  • Design and implement ways of improving monitoring, evaluating, reviewing and reporting the EMP.
  • Encourage stakeholders to improve their environmental performance and gain an understanding of their place in the community as a whole.
  • Develop an understanding of the benefits of communicating our environmental performance to our primary customers.
  • Make a lifetime commitment to environmental management best practices at both the individual and corporate level.


To achieve this, JP Flynn has adopted a formal AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 compliant Environmental Management System to provide our corporate guidance.

Equal Opportunity


JP Flynn’s Equal Opportunity Policy has been developed in line with the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010, and as such we are committed to equality of opportunity in employment for all employees and contractors. Our concept of equal opportunity is based on respect, tolerance and a real belief in the value of all individuals. Put simply, discrimination or harassment of any kind is not tolerated.


The Spirit of Equal Opportunity

We believe that all workplaces should be inclusive, comprehensive and fair, and produce equal outcomes for everyone. This is why we insist that all stakeholders in our value chain not only share our vision, but also have systems and procedures in place that provide a workplace free of discrimination or harassment.

Code of Conduct

We, at JP Flynn, take pride in our reputation for dealing with our customers and stakeholders with absolute integrity and respect. Our Code of Conduct includes our core values and captures the spirit of JP Flynn. It also provides a framework for all of us at JP Flynn, to help guide our decisions, actions and behaviour.


What is our Code of Conduct and its purpose?

Our Code of Conduct is a statement of our corporate ethics and philosophy and underpins our business decisions, actions and behaviour. The code provides clear guidelines to managers, staff and contractors so that there is a common understanding of the values and expected standards of behaviour for all. The objective of the code is to make sure that high standards of corporate and individual behaviour are observed in conducting the business of JP Flynn and to provide support for those behaviours. In general, by conducting ourselves in a manner consistent with our core values, we will be meeting the standards required by the code.


Who does the code apply to?

Our Code of Conduct applies to all managers, employees and full-time trade service providers at JP Flynn.

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