Frequently Asked Questions

You have contacted me and organised to inspect my property for an insurance claim. What happens now?

A site inspection is carried out to assess and report on the claimed area of damage.

We determine the cause of damage and the required repair process along with taking photographs, measurements and item specific details.

A report / scope of works / quote will be forwarded to your Insurer for review.

What do you report to my insurer about?

We use our industry knowledge to define the event that has caused the damage.

Your building policy has specific inclusions and exclusions (or what is covered and not covered) depending on what that event is.

Sometimes we may also require the benefit of an expert report, such as leak detection or roof report, before we can make our recommendations.

If this support is required, we will communicate to you the reasons why we require the support and the expected process.

What's next?

After our report / scope of works are reviewed by your Insurer and we have been approved to proceed with repairs, we will contact you and send you a copy of the proposed Scope of Works and Building Contract (if applicable) along with an excess invoice, (if applicable).

If you are required to select materials/appliances – you will be notified at this stage.

You will also be notified if there are any maintenance issues or building defects that need to be rectified prior to our repairs commencing.

Once these documents are signed and returned to our office, our Project Management team will be in contact with you to discuss convenient repair dates.

What is a Scope of Works?

The scope of works is what we believe to be necessary to reinstate your building to its pre event condition.
In the Insurance Industry service delivery context, it is a sequentially descriptive repair proposal clearly identifying:

  • The location of the area of the damage
  • The specific repair proposal
  • All material and labour necessary to reinstate the area of damage to its pre-event condition

The scope of works will be provided to you in document form, and will require your authorisation prior to our commencement of repairs.
The Scope of Works is also provided to the contractor performing your repairs.

What if my Insurer denies my claim?

If your insurer determines the resultant damage is not attributable to an event covered by the building policy, your insurer will communicate with you explaining the reasons why they have denied the claim.

Your insurer may also include the details of their dispute resolution process in the case you are not satisfied with their decision.

Major Events?

JP Flynn is a specialist builder that performs work for Australia's largest insurance companies.

From time to time, we may be subject to an increase in our workload that is attributable to a Major Event.

A Major Event would normally involve an event including weather phenomenon such as a bushfire or storm that results in exceptionally high volumes of damage and claims.

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